Whitewater rafting

book online rafting, papigo, voidomatisRAFTING with us in one of the cleanest and coldest rivers in Europe, Voidomatis. Combine the stunning scenery of the beautiful river, that is just a few minutes away from Papigo, taste the perfectly clean water and let the smells of nature to carry you. Admire the unique plane trees and wildlife within and outside river, and the incredibly low water temperature! Tell us only where you stay and leave the rest on us!! We provide full – new equipment (neoprene wetsuit, water fleece, waterproof, helmet, life jacket), we will pick you up from your hotel and return to it in order to avoid unnecessary use of your private car, but also to change your outfit in the privacy of your room instead of a locker room. We provide you the filming and recording of your experience for free.